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Pro. aims to provide technical and creative support to small, medium and large fashion companies. Multiple services are offered that follow all phases of the creation of a collection, from consulting, researching trends and references, through manual and digital pattern design, to production and delivery. BDA Pro. also offers promotional solutions, responding to any and all requests in the textile context.



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BDA Pro. Assessoria de Moda


Beyond our work related to fashion, we also follow and guide transversal skills for the management of your brand / company:

  • Assistance: What will be the best strategy for opening and registering your company / brand? Here, you will find all the necessary guidelines for tax optimization, legal support and assistance in managing the initiation process.
  • Web design: Creation of websites, e-commerce, logod and graphic design.
  • Branding e Marketing: Creation of visual identity, elaboration e construction of strategies e communication plans, brand persona, logotypes and social media management.


We carry out a survey of fashion trends at national and international level, using the largest fashion research platforms, and projecting consumer behavior in the future, ensuring that your brand is ahead of consumers desire.

  • Materials Search: We have access to dozens of highly specialized raw materials factories, national and international, especially ecological ones. In our showroom, you will find a file with many samples updated each season to meet the composition of each brand.
BDA Pro. Pesquisa de Tendências
BDA Pro. Desenvolvimento de Coleção


We develop fashion collections with a variety of options, through creative process and product development, taking into account the aesthetic aspects of the collection, the target audience, the product’s funcionality and its technical and economic viability.  

  • Collection Illustration: We make 2D representations of figurative images with the role of promoting products with greater stylistic freedom in order to promote brands and the fashion system itself.
  • Creation of Textile Prints: Through drawing and sketches, we create exclusive prints with a specific language and identity customized to your brand that can contribute to visual enhancement of raw materials.
  • Technical Sheets: We create tech packs for your products, enabling the level of information to be more specific, with clarity and objectivity, about the entire manufacturing process.


Pattern Making is such an important step in the success of a fashion collection. Here, we create your design in patterns for small or large scale productions based on standardized tables, allowing the pieces to be produced countless times.

  • Prototypes: Through the creation of prototypes, we are able to improve the information on the product’s finishes without compromising the entire production, using the final fabric and making it possible to take photo sessions, such as viewing the final piece.
  • Approval: The brand receives the prototype of the piece for approval, in our space or by delivery, and after the sample is approved, it goes on to the production order.
BDA Pro. Modelagem
BDA Pro. Confecção Têxtil


In the production process,  in order to respond quickly and effectively, several steps are involved:

  • Cutting: In order to optimize the consumption and achieve better quality, we have a CAD system and specific equipment for better management.
  • Manufacture: Supported by the best equipment technology and the know-how of our professionals, we achieve the best level of quality. In the end, the parts are analyzed in the greatest detail and supervised.
  • Costumization: According to the client’s instructions, customization services can be performed, using labels and applications, as well as the respective packaging.
  • Quality Control: Throughout manufacturing, all steps are checked to ensure the highest quality standards. Quality checks also take place in the finishing stages, before parts are packaged for delivery.


We value customer satisfaction, as well as good sales results from a new collection. For this, we guarantee:

  • Confidentiality: We are aware of confidentiality requirements of all brands, ensuring protection throughout the development process, managing this matter with the utmost attention.
  • Transportation: Once your order is completed, it will be approved for delivery through our partner shipping company. Our team is able to effectively manage bureaucratic issues related to the process, ensuring that this step is as assertive as possible. Verification of invoices and packaging lists is done before shipping to the costumer.
  • Post Service: Our team is always available to monitor questions and processes for each client. From the beginning until after the delivery of the production.
BDA Pro. Ecobag



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